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20 August 2015

Recording Arts Grad Discusses Industry Life

We sat down with Recording Arts graduate Dalyn Darone and discussed his pursuits in the music industry.

What inspired you want to get involved in the entertainment industry?

“As a high school student, eventually the time comes when you have to ask yourself, “what career path do I want to take?”. This question generates a lot of pressure and is hard for one person to deal with. The only thing I knew was that listening to music truly made me happy so I said “I know it’s a huge risk but if someone else has done it then at least I know it’s possible.”

What have you learned from school that you are now applying in your professional life?

“Work ethic. The work demand and pressure of having deadlines forced me to set aside any temptations of laziness. This quickly transferred to my career and sped my work flow up tremendously. When I started school it would take me weeks, sometimes months, to completely finish a song. Now I complete whole songs within days.”

What do you like about working in entertainment?

“There are so many reasons I love about working in the entertainment industry. The number one reason would have to be that I wake up every morning and go to work with my best friends. Together we have started something with enormous potential and we all push each other everyday to reach that potential. Surrounding yourself with people that push you to be better is one of the most important things in becoming successful.”

What are some projects that you are proud to have worked on?

“While tackling my recording arts degree at LARS I was blessed with an opportunity to work at Paramount Recording Studios. During my stay at Paramount I worked with numerous artist ranging from Wiz Khalifa to Faith Evans but honestly it wasn’t all what it’s cracked up to be. The projects I am most proud of are the ones I have done with my best friends. We call ourselves Outrageøus and we produce, record, mix, and master everything ourselves. We recently finished an album called ALL IN (RSK).

Here is a link to our latest music video release off the project: After finishing up ALL IN we started working on another project that I am also extremely proud of called The Treatment (Harry Hudson). Here are a few links to our latest music videos off this project: I am so proud of what we have became and what we are going to become. After finishing a short tour in Texas we will be hitting main stage of the Billboard Hot 100 festival in NYC (Aug 22).”

What are some words of advice that you would give to new students entering the program?

“Find what makes you happy and do it. If you can achieve internal happiness anything in the world becomes possible.”

“Here is a brief introduction of my best friends…

RSK (Recording Artist/LARS grad)

Cody Shemesh aka Colacinø grad)

Robert Oxedine aka Broham (Producer/engineer/LARS grad)

Julian Dova (Recording Artist/LARS Grad)

Harry Hudson (recording artist)

Kyle Bebeau (Graphic Designer)”

Good luck in your endeavors, Dalyn! We are proud of you!