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Not Your Average Classroom

Take a peek inside our recording studios, dub stages and live concert venue. You will work with industry-experienced faculty in a hands-on studio environment and learn the technical skills needed to excel in the field.

Step onto our sets and get a first-hand experience of our
Two SSL Duality Studios •  Two Foley/ADR Suites • Neve Genesys Black Console • Avid S6 console 

Did you know that we offer daily tours of our campus?

SSL Duality Studio

This large-format recording studio features the school’s largest analog console: a 48-channel Solid State Logic Duality with both analog signal routing and processing and control surface functionality. This studio has multitrack recording capabilities with both Avid Pro Tools Ultimate and a 24 track Studer A827 two-inch analog tape recorder. It features two live-performance rooms and an extensive array of outboard gear including Lexicon, TC Electronics, Eventide, Teletronix, Universal Audio and Vintech.


Digital Production Suites

These studios feature Avid Pro Tools Ultimate workstation software with Avid C-24 control surfaces and a live-performance room. The studios are configured to for students to interface with their laptops, which lets them use any digital audio software of choice. Students can book these studios for projects and have access to a collection of microphones, acoustic instruments, and MIDI equipment.

Foley/ADR Suite

The Foley/ADR suite features a Foley pit with multiple surfaces and materials for creating and recording live-performed sound effects. The studio is also used as an ADR studio for replacement of dialog for audio postproduction. The studio and live room are equipped with large screens to cue performers. Students have access to a large selection of microphones, including shotgun microphones to assist in matching production sound. This suite features an Avid C-24 Control surface and a Pro Tools Ultimate system for recording and editing.

API 1608 Studio

This studio features the popular API 1608 analog console with automation interfaced with Avid Pro Tools Ultimate digital audio workstation software. Designed for tracking, mixing and overdubbing, the studio features JBL LSR6328p monitors with subwoofer, an extensive selection of outboard signal processing equipment including Teletronix, dbx, Universal Audio, TC electronics, Lexicon and more. The API 1608 studio has a large performance room for tracking or overdubbing and features a Hammond B-3 organ with a Leslie speaker system.

Production Studios

To enhance learning and to increase the number of studios available to students, The Los Angeles Recording School constructed a series of five analog production studios featuring Soundcraft Ghost LE 24-channel analog mixing and recording consoles. Each studio features a live-performance room, 24 channels of MOTU analog interface, patchbays and outboard signal processing with analog EQ and TC Electronics effects units. Our studios are configured to allow students to connect directly with their personal computers.

NEVE Genesys Black

This studio features the Neve Genesys Black—a dual-function console/control surface that combines digital control and touchscreen technology with the sonic warmth of renowned Neve analog hardware. This studio is designed for modern audio production workflow and features Avid Pro Tools Ultimate, JBL LSR6328p monitors, on-board Neve dynamic processing, outboard signal processing equipment from Manley, Universal Audio, Lexicon, dbx and more. This room also features a large isolation booth for tracking or overdubbing.

Audio System Technology Lab

This lab is where students learn to design, wire, install and maintain the analog and digital equipment used in the modern audio industry. Students will learn how to make and repair cables, design and connect patchbays, and explore the world of computer maintenance starting with their own MacBook Pro laptops.